• Horse and Carriage in front of Hampton NHS


    National Historic Site Maryland

People of Hampton

Several thousand years ago, a band of American Indians stopped to build a fire. Several decades ago, workers dug a trench near that firesite to lay a drainage ditch. Yesterday, park visitors walked over that trench to visit the park.

In between those years many people have lived part of thier lives on the ground that is today Hampton National Historic Site. Owners, enslaved, British Prisoners of War, indentured servants, free workers, tradesmen, craftsmen. Some came to work, others to recreate, others to live.

A visit to Hampton will offer a glimpse into their lives, how they intertwined, and how they were affected by changes in history.


Did You Know?

Hampton Mansion

When Hampton Mansion was completed it was probably the largest home in America. The mansion is so large (24,000 square feet) that Mount Vernon and Monticello can fit inside of it and still have 4,000 square feet remaining.