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  • The Gardens at Hampton

    The Hampton gardens are in bloom. Come see and stroll through the historic gardens from 8:30 am to 5 pm daily.

  • New Tour Hours

    Beginning on Thursday, March 13, 2014, Hampton's mansion and farm buildings will be open for tours from 10 am - 4 pm, Thursday - Sunday.

  • Vistior Contact Station Update-Construction Advisory

    Phase III will continue as designed and this is the longest phase of the project. The Entrance Road and Parking Area will be defined. PARKING IS VERY LIMITED AND BUSES ARE PROHIBITED FROM THE MANSION'S PARKING LOT AND PARKING ANYWHERE ON THE SITE. More »

People of Hampton

Several thousand years ago, a band of American Indians stopped to build a fire. Several decades ago, workers dug a trench near that firesite to lay a drainage ditch. Yesterday, park visitors walked over that trench to visit the park.

In between those years many people have lived part of thier lives on the ground that is today Hampton National Historic Site. Owners, enslaved, British Prisoners of War, indentured servants, free workers, tradesmen, craftsmen. Some came to work, others to recreate, others to live.

A visit to Hampton will offer a glimpse into their lives, how they intertwined, and how they were affected by changes in history.


Did You Know?

Entry to the Icehouse

The Ridgelys were one of the first families in Maryland to have ice year-round for cold drinks and ice cream. Some historic ice cream flavors of the period include vanilla ice cream, asparagus ice cream, and garlic ice cream.