The Civilian Conservation Corps

CCC Camp Haleakala Crater

CCC camp in Haleakalā Crater

NPS Photo

Between 1934 and 1941 the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) operated work camps at Haleakalā. The CCC was a federally funded work relief program designed to generate income for young unemployed men during the Great Depression. The CCC focused on utilizing the young labor force for natural resource conservation and creating and improving public works. Much of their work was carried out in the nations Parks and forests, and it has been estimated that 3 billion trees were planted by CCC enrollees throughout the United States.

Here at Haleakalā National Park the CCC was engaged in a variety of projects. CCC enrollees removed invasive plants and feral animals such as pigs and goats, constructed the White Hill, Sliding Sands and Halemau'u trails, and built some of the frontcountry structures still used by park employees today.


For more information about the CCC and their work at Haleakalā please select Civilian Conservation Corps in Hawai'i: Oral Histories of the Haleakalā Camp, Maui

CCC Workers, Haleakala Crater

CCC workers in Haleakalā Crater

NPS Photo

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