Ranger Emily with middle school group.

Ranger Emily guiding a group of middle school students up Pā Ka‘oao trail. On this beautiful morning ecosystems and archaeological sites hidden to most eyes are revealed.



This Environmental Education program is designed for third-grade school groups and an introduction to the living miracles in the back yard of Island students. Program themes include: Native or Alien Species, Adaptations, and Habitat. There will be Pre-visit Activities provided to help students prepare and enjoy their journey.

Be ready to hike in hot and/or cold weather (raingear or poncho). Bring food, snacks, water (drinks), closed-toe shoes is best, and needed medications.

Fee waivers are available for educational field trips.

There is no charge for this program.

We must receive your request at least one month prior to your proposed visit.

Tell us your proposed group size, grade level, and the best dates for your visit.

Use the pull down menu below to see available dates for field trip programs. The best way to reserve a date is to contact the park's environmental education coordinators directly:

Honeygirl Duman or Katelyn Thomson


Honeygirl Duman or Katelyn Thomson
(808) 572-4451


Agriculture, Anthropology, Archaeology, Astronomy, Biology: Animals, Biology: Plants, Botany, Chemistry, Civic Engagement, Climate, Climate Change, Conservation, Earth Science, Ecology, Environment, Geology, Historic Preservation, History, Landscapes, Marine Biology, Meteorology, Oceanography, Physical Science, Public Policy, Reading, Social Studies, Space Science, Tectonics, Textiles, Volcanoes, Wildlife Biology, Wildlife Management, Writing
National/State Standards:
Based on Hawaii State Department of Education standards
Field Trip Program