• View of the Monument across the Snake River

    Hagerman Fossil Beds

    National Monument Idaho

Nearby Attractions

Map of Idaho
Map of Idaho

Hagerman Valley Attractions

The Hagerman Valley offers many fun and interesting things to do and places see and explore. Check out these websites for more information, a schedule of events, and maps.

* Minidoka National Historic Site

* Craters of the Moon National Monument

* City of Rocks National Reserve

* Malad Gorge State Park

* Bruneau Dunes State Park

* Three Island State Park

Did You Know?

A portion of the view from the Snake River Overlook.

The Snake River Overlook, a wheelchair accessible viewing platform, allows a view of bluffs about 600 feet high. They consist of strata, or layers of sediments (sands, silts, and clays) deposited by the flooding of rivers flowing into ancient Lake Idaho more than three million years ago.