• View of the Monument across the Snake River

    Hagerman Fossil Beds

    National Monument Idaho


Northern Rocky Mountain Invasive Plant Management Plan (1.2 MB)

Pacific West Region Museum Management Plan (3.1 MB)

Monument Purpose

The purpose of Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument is as follows:

· To preserve for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations the outstanding paleontological sites

· To provide a center for continuing paleontological research

· To provide for the display and interpretation of the scientific specimens uncovered at the fossil sites

· To provide for the orderly and regulated use of and research in the monument by qualified scientists, scientific groups, and students under the jurisdiction of such qualified individuals and groups

Park Rangers work at fossil site.
Rangers work at the famous Hagerman Horse Quarry uncovering Equus simplicidens horse fossils.

Did You Know?

Hagerman Valley as it appears today.

Lake Bonneville overflowed its rim about 15,000 years ago in southeastern Idaho near the present day city of Pocatello. The Snake River cut down through the ancient flood plain sediments and deepened and widened the Hagerman valley.