• View of the Monument across the Snake River

    Hagerman Fossil Beds

    National Monument Idaho


Gopher Snake

Gopher Snake

NPS Photo

Rock outcrops and warm summer temperatures make Hagerman a haven for reptiles and amphibians.

Striped whip snakes, western rattlesnakes, and gopher snakes hunt among rock-strewn boulder fields, while short-horned, western whiptail and sagebrush lizards bask in the sun.

Western and Great Basin spadefoot toads inhabit the various moist areas and bullfrogs, northern leopard frogs, pacific tree frogs, and striped chorus frogs can be heard singing in the distance.

Did You Know?

Drawing of a mole skeleton.

A particularly rare fossil find was a humerus from the Hagerman mole, Scapanus hagermanensis, one of only a handful of mole fossils ever found in Idaho.