• View of the Monument across the Snake River

    Hagerman Fossil Beds

    National Monument Idaho

Explore a fossiliferous Pliocene-aged site!

Did you know horses evolved in North America?  The Hagerman Horse, Equus simplicidens, was the first true horse but its bones most closely resembled Grevy’s zebra bones.

Hagerman is home to over two hundred different species of fossil plants and animals: including sabertooth cat, mastodon, bear, camel, ground sloth, and many other species.  Over 3,000 new fossil fragments are found each year.

Did You Know?

View of Melon Gravels found in fields and along the roads in Hagerman

The catastrophic Bonneville Flood thundered through the Hagerman Valley 15,000 years ago leaving behind enormous fields of rounded lava boulders – some as big as cars. They are called ‘melon gravel’ and can still be seen throughout the valley today.