Event Details

  • Multiple Days: 03/23/2013, 03/24/2013

    Location: Lower Town, Harpers Ferry Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Fee Information: Park Entrance Fee: $10.00 per vehicle for 3 days or $5.00 per person on foot or bicycle. Additional workshop fee. Contact Name: Melinda Day Contact Email: e-mail us Contact Phone Number: 304-535-6063

In honor of Women's History Month, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park invites the public to register for a special weekend

historic trades workshop called "Knitting A La Mode: 19th Century Techniques for 21st Century Knitters", March 23 and 24 from

9am to 4pm at Mrs. Stipes Boarding House Living History Exhibit.


Join Expert Polly Steenhagen to explore the world of 19th century needlework, that spoke volumes about a woman's ability to

become a suitable wife, mother, and skilled needlework artist. The industrial revolution was slowly replacing women who made

hand made goods, such as knitted socks, with knitting machines. Step back with Polly to the quiet 19th century parlor life and the

clicking of knitting needles combined with good conversation and excellent instruction will engage the artistic side of the brain!!!


What You'll Need to Bring

Polly will teach you how to knit an 1863 Women's Mitts pattern. You'll need to bring size 1 and size 9 needles, one skein of

fingering weight wool and a matching skein of sport weight wool. Brown Sheep Nature Spun is one brand of wool that comes in

both fingering and sport weight in matching colors. The original pattern calls for black wool, but any color will do. Participants

should also bring matching silk or satin ribbon, sewing thread, and a sewing needle, embroidery yarn (needlepoint wool or

fingering weight wool work very well), and even small beads to decorate the mitt. Polly will also provide some ribbon and

needlepoint yarn for participants to use. Pre-registered students may contact Polly for assistance with needles and wool.


Level Of Students

Students are recommended to know how to "knit, purl, and cast off."


Number of Students and Cost

$40.00 per student ages 12 years and older. 10 slots are open in this workshop.


To Register:

Contact the Harpers Ferry Historical Association at living history workshops. 304-535-1523.


About Our Expert:

Polly Steenhagen has been knitting since age 6, and learned to crochet several years later. When she began Civil War Public

History about 10 years ago, she immediately became interested in period patterns. She, along with Dr. Silvana Siddali, have

written three booklets on patterns from the French publication La Mode Illustree; the mittaine for the workshop, is one of these

patterns. She is also the moderator of the yahoo group "cwneedleworkers." Her day job is associate professor of mathematics and

science education at Delaware State University, and she often uses her math skills to interpret and size period patterns.


For additional information call the park Living History and Historic Trades Office at 304-535-6063. See other upcoming park

events on our website at www.nps.gov/hafe.


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