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  • Everyday from 11/10/2012 to 11/11/2012

    Location: Lower Town Fee Information: $10.00 per vehicle for 3 days or $5.00 per person on foot or bicycle

Saturday, and Sunday, November 10th & 11th, 2012, the public is invited to register and attend a Workshop that will teach & explore how 19th century music and dance traditions gave birth to American popular culture. Experience an interchange of African American and European American vernacular dance and music. Join together with professionals, hobbyists and other interested individuals.

The weekend is the fourth in a series of workshops designed to explore cultural connections from the platform of 19th century music and movement. Dancers will build and broaden a flatfooting vocabulary and skills. Musicians-in particular fiddlers and banjo players-will have the chance to explore the ways in which music and dance overlap and are interdependent.

Become part of a growing community that seeks to understand how 19th century music informs and reflects America's diversity, a community that inclusively relates this musical heritage to present day issues. Music and dance workshops will include discussions about social context and explorations of historical material culture. Tutorial sessions will provide explorations of period techniques, and classes will delve into practical principles of improvisation and performance.

REGISTRATION AND TUITION: Tuition is $75.00 to registered participants, but limited to 30 participants. Contact the Harpers Ferry Historical Association at: 304-535-6881 or at the webpage www.harpersferryhistory.org.


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