State of the Park

This page provides further information about any scheduled closures which may limit access to portions of the park. For the most up-to-date status of park areas, trails, etc. please call the park's Visitor Center at 304-535-6029.


Update June 2, 2015: the ABC Ramps are now included in the closure. Please read below the image for full details of the Maryland Heights cliff face closure.

Image showing closed area of Maryland Heights

Image showing closed area of Maryland Heights, updated June 2, 2015

NPS Image/R. Levins

A pair of Peregrine falcons is attempting to nest on the cliff face of Maryland Heights in Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. Park and US Fish and Wildlife staff have observed the falcons building what appears to be a nest on the cliff face to the left of the old Mennen’s sign.

To protect the nesting birds from inadvertent disturbance or harassment, areas in and around the cliff face of Maryland Heights will be closed effective April 10, 2015. The areas will be closed to all visitor use, including climbing activities, along the cliff face area. The climbing areas affected by the closure include all the routes in the ABC Ramps (effective May 29, 2015), Gully, and Sign Wall sections. These areas will remain closed until approximately five weeks after the chicks take their first flights, or fledge, from their nests. The re-opening of these areas is expected around mid-August. The climbing routes in the areas of the Union Wall, Train Tunnel Wall and Confederate Walls will remain open at this time. Information on the closed area will be posted at the Park Information Center, Visitor Center, park website and social media sites.

In 2000, the park attempted a reintroduction program of peregrine falcons to Maryland Heights. While peregrines were introduced back into the area, there were no documented cases of those falcons coming back to the Maryland Heights for nesting. This is one of the first times peregrines have been seen attempting to use the Maryland Heights cliff face for nesting since that program ended.

The park will announce the reopening of the closed areas upon determining that the fledglings from this year have become independent of their parents and human activities will not harm or disrupt their further development. For more information call (304) 535-6029.

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