Visitor Services Internships

Jessica Lancia assists volunteer Chris Suiter at the Information Desk.

Intern Jessica Lancia assists volunteer Chris Suitor at the information desk.

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The internship utilizes communication and presentation skills to introduce and provide a National Park experience for the visiting public. The internship involves a general study of 19th century American history focused on the nationally significant resources of the Harpers Ferry area, including John Brown, Civil War, African American history, Industrial history, Transportation history, Landscape history. Summer, 10 to 12 weeks, flexible start and end dates. Dormitory housing may be available.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required: A keen interest in and knowledge of 19th century American History, public speaking skills, basic research skills, ability to organize large amounts of information, ability to work cooperatively with others in a stressful environment, ability to follow directions and handle controversial issues with tact and in a professional manner, ability to tolerate summer heat for extended periods of time.

Duties include studying assigned research materials, developing an accurate, working knowledge of 19th century American history, assisting in preparing and presenting special events, drafting written responses to information requests, researching, developing and presenting interpretive programs.

Contact for more information: Phone: 304-535-6282; Email: e-mail us

Apply with resume, cover letter and three references by March 1st. In the cover letter, please include the following: whether you require housing or not, why you want to intern at Harpers Ferry, what your objectives are, what particular type of work you would like to do, the dates you would begin and end an internship, whether this internship is for school credit or not, if applicable, the number of hours required by your school, if applicable, the requirements of your school's internship program, if applicable, your advisor's name and contact information. Also, feel free to express yourself, your hopes and expectations in the cover letter. Too, please indicate whether or not you would like to be considered for an internship in another park discipline if not selected for Visitor Services.

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