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Curatorial intern Elizabeth Conn searches archival photo files.

National Park Service

Museum Collection Intern (Museum Technician)

(January-April) 12 week internships, flexible start and end dates. Park housing may be available.

Student intern will have the opportunity to work with a major National Park Service museum collection. The collection consists largely of archeological material, archives (historical and corporate), and objects on exhibit in our museum (historic structures). The intern will have the opportunity to complete a self-directed project and also work within the daily operations of the curatorial office following guidance provided by the "National Park Service Museum Handbook," and staff.

The intern will work directly under the supervision of the museum curator and closely with other museum and park staff. The self-directed project will be determined based on interns qualifications and interests. The daily operations of the curatorial office involves researching public and staff questions, assisting with the library, museum housekeeping, performing inventory, collecting environmental data, completing climate charts and graphs for the files, pest trap monitoring, possible exhibit installation, and possible electronic data entry into the Interior Collection Management System (ICMS). The ability to climb three flights of stairs and lift 35-50 pounds on your own is desired due to the nature of the job, the historic scene, and structures you are required to work in while an intern. Dress will be casual office attire.

The intern will live in park quarters; a dormitory setting in the lower historic town with many scenic views. Transportation is the responsibility of the intern, and it is highly recommended they provide themselves with transportation. Parking will be provided within the park boundaries. Limited public transportation serves the area. Groceries and gasoline, or any other shopping, is located several miles away. Local restaurants are available in town.

This internship is an opportunity to work with a collection of the National Park Service, and live in a historic town with much scenic wonder. Washington, D. C. and other metropolitan areas are nearby.

Contact for more information: Phone: 304 535-6497; Fax: 304 535-6190; Email: e-mail us; Mail: Harpers Ferry NHP, Attn: Museum Services, P.O. Box 65, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

Submit no more than a three page application including background, course work, and one professional reference from a previous position. You may submit these materials digitally, in *.pdf format, using the e-mail link above or via mail at the above address.

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