• Aerial view of the George Washington Memorial Parkway in the fall

    George Washington

    Memorial Parkway DC, MD, VA

Demonstrations & Public Gatherings

A public gathering permit is required for groups of people who wish to hold assemblies, meetings, gatherings, demonstrations, parades, or other public expressions of views on park property.

Gatherings of 25 or more people may not require a permit. The easiest way to determine whether your small group needs a permit is to fill out the application form and contact the park.

There is no fee for public gathering permits. Applications must be received at least four business days before the public gathering begins.

Permit Application

Contact Victoria Stauffenberg at 703-289-2513 if you have any questions.

Did You Know?

Memorial Bridge over the Potomac River

The two sets of golden statues that flank the Washington, D.C. end of Memorial Bridge represent the arts of war: Valor and Sacrifice. More...