• Aerial view of the George Washington Memorial Parkway in the fall

    George Washington

    Memorial Parkway DC, MD, VA

Insects, Spiders, Centipedes, Millipedes

This group undoubtedly represents the greatest amount of biodiversity found in the park, and it is also the least known in terms of biological inventories. Currently, a total of 76 species of butterflies and 729 species of moths have been documented from GWMP. The only additional taxa that have been documented are 466 species of Coleoptera, 110 species of Hymenoptera, 45 species of Diptera, 38 species of Arachnida, 37 Odonata, 28 Trichoptera, 28 Heteroptera, 5 Homoptera, 4 Neuroptera, 2 Orthoptera, 1 Mecoptera, and 1 Plecoptera.

Did You Know?

Aerial view of Glen Echo Park

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