• Boy Carver Statue by Robert Amendola

    George Washington Carver

    National Monument Missouri

Things To Do

Artists enjoying a beautiful day at the park

These visitors are enjoying an art project at the park.

George Washington Carver's favorite pastime was art. He painted landscapes and flowering plants. Students of all ages are invited to a Natural Dyes program at the park.
wood carving at the park

A park volunteer shares the story of George and his love of wood carving.

Many activities offered at the park are related to George Washington Carver's work and interests. He had a "Secret Garden," a rock collection, and wood carvings.

Park volunteer handles a snake

This nature program educates visitors on the subject of reptiles. 

As early as his childhood on the farm George developed a deep respect for all nature including wildlife. Several nature programs are offered periodically at the park. Visitors can learn about ecosystems, animals habitats and behavior, and participate in wildlife viewing.

Did You Know?

Photo of Moses Carver

Moses Carver, a farmer in southwest Missouri, purchased a 13-year old enslaved girl named Mary in 1855. Mary worked mostly around the cabins with Moses's wife, Susan. While enslaved on the farm Mary gave birth to two sons: James and George.