• Boy Carver Statue by Robert Amendola

    George Washington Carver

    National Monument Missouri


Purpose Statements explain the reason for which the park was created. The statements below were developed from the park's enabling legislation and its legislative history.

  • Memorialize the life of George Washington Carver as a distinguished African American, scientist, educator, humanitarian, Christian, artist, and musician.
  • Preserve the setting of the Moses Carver farm and birthplace of George Washington Carver.
  • Interpret the life, accomplishments, and contributions of George Washington Carver, using a museum, wayside exhibits, and other interpretive strategies.

Visitor Study 2011

Long Range Interpretive Plan 2007

Historic Resource Study and Administrative History 1973

Prescribed Fire

2011 Fire Report

George Washington Carver: For His Time and Ours, 2005 (Special History Study)

Scope of Collection Statement (Museum Collection)

Economic Benefits to Local Communities from National Park Visitation (Study)

Economic Benefits to Local Communities from National Park Visitation (George Washington Carver NM 2010 Report)

Did You Know?

Sketch of the Lincoln School and the Watkins's home

Racial segregation, and sometimes violence, forced George Washington Carver to move from place to place to gain an education. He later sketched the first school (on the right, in drawing) he was allowed to attend in Neosho, Missouri.