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George Washington Carver said, "The thoughtful educator realizes that a very large part of the child's education must be gotten outside of the four walls designated as classroom."

George Washington Carver National Monument, birthplace and childhood home of the famous agricultural scientist and educator, was established in 1943 as the first unit of the National Park Service honoring an African American. The park is an excellent setting for students to learn about Carver's life. Curriculum-based field trips are available for all grades K-12.

Field trip packets are full of information for teachers and are also designed to help prepare your students for the visit to the park. Select from the activities in the field trip packet. Please view the field trip packets to find the best program for your group's curriculum needs. Each program features a ranger-led guided tour of the 3/4 mile trail, time to enjoy the interactive exhibits, a lunch break, and a ranger-led classroom lesson. The classroom lesson is what sets each program apart.

Would your students enjoy a hands-on science experiment in the lab and a program on soil conservation? Would they prefer a spelling bee in the one-room school setting while exploring the racial roadblocks young Carver faced? Select Carver's I Can program for grades K-12, and choose either classroom lesson. Click here for the field trip packet.

If your students are especially interested in nature, choose The Plant Doctor for an excellent program engaging the youngest students, K-1, in young Carver's love of nature. Students create the first specimen for their own herbarium. Click here for the field trip packet.

Perhaps your 2nd -3rd grade students would benefit from creating color swatches with paint and taking an art walk inside the visitor center. Students also sketch artwork along the trail. Choose Carver-the Artist. Click here for the field trip packet.

Washing laundry with lye soap on a washboard and working in the corn plot are some of the activities for 4th-6th graders in the 19th Century program. Ranger and VIPs (Volunteers-In-Parks) are dressed in period costume. Click here for the field trip packet.

During a Pioneer Day program, 4th-6th grade students visit stations such as storytelling, laundry, toys & games, and one-room school. Rangers and VIPs (Volunteers-In-Parks) are dressed in period costume. Click here for the field trip packet.

The Self-Guided field trip packet is for those groups who will explore the park on their own. Activities will prepare students for the field trip and outlines the field trip activities. Click here for the field trip packet.

Homeschool Days!

Field trips are FREE of CHARGE but reservations are REQUIRED.

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