• Boy Carver Statue by Robert Amendola

    George Washington Carver

    National Monument Missouri

History & Culture

Replica of the birthsite cabin

Several items were found in archeological investigations at the cabin site.  Many objects are on display in the Carver Museum.

When Moses and Susan Carver moved to Southwest Missouri they built a small 12' x 12' cabin. Eventually that same cabin was inhabited by an enslaved girl named Mary. She gave birth to George towards the end of the Civil War. Today visitors can see the approximate area where the cabin once stood. A log layout was built after the establishment of the park.

1881 Carver House

This historic 1881 house is a stop on the Carver Nature Trail.

The 1881 Moses Carver House was constructed after a tornado demolished several dwellings on the farm, including the birthsite cabin of George Washington Carver. The nature trail leads to this historic structure.

Carver Family Cemetery
The Nature Trail leads to a pre-Civil War cemetery where Moses and Susan Carver are buried along with others who lived in the Diamond Grove community.

Did You Know?


When the Carver family settled in southwest Missouri, much of the land was tallgrass prairie. Through the years, the land was converted to agricultural uses. Today, the park is home to restored areas of beautiful tallgrass prairie.