• The Western Escarpment of the Guadalupes rises above the white gypsum sands of the desert floor.

    Guadalupe Mountains

    National Park Texas

Artist In Residence

GUMO Mural - Carlsbad Mural Project - Cropped01 (Final) Artist-In-Residence David Lee Cook Photo
Mural painted by local artist Brother Boko
Photo by David Lee Cook

Deadline for 2015 Applications

For July 2015:
Applications due by October 31, 2014

For October/November 2015:
Applications due by December 31, 2014

Artist in Residence

The Artist-In-Residence Program offers professional writers, composers, and all visual and performing artists the opportunity to pursue their particular art form while surrounded by the inspiring landscape of the park.

The Artist-in-Residence Program is intended for artists working in a variety of mediums. One or more artists may be selected each year for our residency program. Professional two-dimensional visual artists, sculptors, musicians, writers, crafts persons, and photographers are encouraged to apply.

Residents should expect to stay two to four weeks in the park. The residency dates and length are negotiable depending on the artist's schedule and housing availability. Accommodations (rent-free) are either an apartment in park housing, or an RV site with full hookups. No additional stipend is available.

In return, the artist is asked to donate to the park an original piece of work representative of their medium, produced during the residency, and to contribute to the advancement of the park's mission. These works will characterize Guadalupe Mountains National Park for present and future generations.

Artists are required to provide the copyright for this artwork to the National Park Service. The National Park Service will not allow the commercial use of any donated artwork once it is selected and accessioned into the Park’s permanent museum collection. Artwork may be used in exhibits and for educational purposes by Guadalupe Mountains National Park. These creative works are exhibited as frequently as possible and shared with the public through other appropriate means. Artwork not on display is stored in the park’s secure, environmentally controlled museum storage facility.

The artist retains a royalty-free, nonexclusive use license under the copyright of the art. The National Park Service owns the artwork and the rights to reproduce it. Under those rights, the artist has a license to make use of the artwork for his or her purposes. When artists reproduce artwork for their own purposes, publication information will include the the language: “This artwork was produced under the Artist-In-Residence Program at Guadalupe Mountains National Park.”

Artists will present at least one public program during their residency. This interaction can be tailored to an individual’s medium, interest, and experience using only a few hours during the residency period. Programs can be demonstrations, talks, exploratory walks, or performances. The artist must also be willing to interact with park visitors while working on site. In addition, the artist must be willing to interact with park visitors when contacts are made in the field while working.


How to Apply

During 2014, artists should focus on the park's wilderness areas, as it is the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act. Another area of focus can be the National Park Service Centennial which will be celebrated through 2016.

Applying artists must submit:

  • A resume (not exceeding 2 pages) that highlights education, experience and training along with skills in presenting public education programs related to art; a summary of creative works and, if applicable, professional brochures or similar publications.
  • Visual artists must submit images on a CD or DVD (PC compatible) which must be labeled. Writers must submit representative prose, short stories, plays or poetry that reflects your ability. Musicians and composers must submit lyrics and audio recordings of their work.
  • A brief statement from applicant stating what she/he hopes to achieve from a residency in Guadalupe Mountains National Park and how their work will benefit the park's mission.
  • Your preference for a period of residence and accommodations (apartment in park housing or RV site).

Please Note - Submissions sent to the park will not be returned to the artist.

For further information, or to submit an application, contact the park by mail or phone at:

Artist-In-Residence Program Coordinator
Guadalupe Mountains National Park
400 Pine Canyon Drive
Salt Flat, Texas 79847

Selection Process
Selection is through a competitive process based on artistic merit, as demonstrated by the examples submitted, the ideas expressed in the statement of purpose, and the willingness to accept the conditions of the national park residency opportunity. A panel of National Park Service staff and its partners chooses the artists and alternates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a car?
Yes. There is no public transportation to the park or towns during the residency period.

What are the housing arrangements?
Artists are housed in a furnished apartment with a full kitchen, or offered an RV site with full hookups. There is a laundry facility in the apartment complex. Occupants are responsible for cleaning the apartment prior to their departure. Pets and smoking are not allowed. Wheelchair-accessible housing is available.

Can I bring my family or pet?
Family members may join the artist for the residency as long as the number of occupants does not exceed the occupancy limits of the apartment. Pets are not permitted in apartments; however, artists with RVs may bring their pets.

Did You Know?

Indian Paintbrush

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