• The Western Escarpment of the Guadalupes rises above the white gypsum sands of the desert floor.

    Guadalupe Mountains

    National Park Texas

Printable Brochures

Below, we have provided high quality PDF files of our park brochures. These are printer friendly versions of hand-outs found in one of the three Visitor Center's. You will need Adobe Reader to view these files. Download for Mac or PC.

Basic Information

Day Hike Guide

Pine Springs Camp Ground

Historic Locations

Williams Ranch

Pratt Cabin

Frijole Ranch


Smith Spring Trail Guide


Roadside Geology Guide

McKittrick Canyon Geology

Geologic Time and Rock Formation

Geology of Western Escarpment

Backcountry Information

Hiker Safety


Horseback Riding

Other Languages




Did You Know?

A coiled rattler waits patiently for its prey.

Equipped with the most efficient heat receptors in the animal world, rattlesnakes distinguish not only direction of an object that differs in temperature from its background, but also distance, sensing changes < .001 degree Farhenheit.