• The Western Escarpment of the Guadalupes rises above the white gypsum sands of the desert floor.

    Guadalupe Mountains

    National Park Texas

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  • Trails and Roads are Closed

    Currently, ALL trails are closed EXCEPT Guadalupe Peak. McKittrick Canyon, Frijole Ranch and the Williams Ranch Road are all closed due to high water levels. Dark Canyon Rd (Highway 408) leading to Dog Canyon is also closed. For info call 915-828-3251

For Kids

Hiking can be as educational as it is fun.
The Web Ranger is a great way for kids of all ages to interact and learn. Click here to sign up and get started.
Come by the Visitor's Center to learn more about our New Junior Paleontologist Program. For those who are young at heart, we also offer the Senior Ranger Program for adults!
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Guadalupe Mountains National Park is not only an incredible outdoor playground, but also an outstanding natural classroom where kids of all ages can experience Mother Nature up close, in person. The rocky landscape is loaded with fossils, while canyons hide riparian oases teeming with water striders, and rimmed with delicate maidenhair fern. Mule deer peek out from behind desert scrub oak, as vultures soar high overhead. This is a world of amazing natural wonders - an irresistible place to explore. But it is also a land with history and fascinating stories of inhabitants from long ago. Native Americans once fought to keep it, while regiments of Buffalo Soldiers fought to protect it. Can you hear the thundering hoofs of the horses as the stage pulls into the station for a brief stop at the Pinery?

Whether your visit is a family vacation or a field trip with classmates and friends, there are many opportunities for kids to experience and appreciate the resources of Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Begin at the Pine Springs Visitor Center where there are numerous exhibits and a touch-screen "Electronic Ranger" that has fun facts and information about the geology, cultural history, and flora and fauna of the park. Then enjoy a desert walk along a nature trail, or take a hike up a steep-walled canyon, or into the park's rugged backcountry. Evening programs are held at campground amphitheater during the summer season, and don't forget, the park has a Junior Ranger program - always a hit with the kids!

Did You Know?

Butterflyweed attracts many species of butterflies with its bright orange flowers and sugary nectar.

Butterflyweed (Asclepias tuberosa), was a significant medicinal source for physicians in the late 19th century who used it extensively as an expectorant and to treat smallpox. It bright-orange blossoms produce an irresistible nectar for butterflies, and thus its common name.