• The Western Escarpment of the Guadalupes rises above the white gypsum sands of the desert floor.

    Guadalupe Mountains

    National Park Texas

Be A Junior Ranger

Become a Junior Ranger at Guadalupe Mountains National Park! Pick up a workbook at the Headquarters Visitor Center, then choose from a variety of fun and educational activities. Learn about the park's colorful history, study its unique fossils, and take a close look at its native plants and numerous animal inhabitants. Other activities, such as attending a ranger program, taking a hike, or visiting the stage ruins, may substitute for an activity in the workbook.
Complete any 3 activities to earn a certificate and a badge, complete 6 activities and receive a certificate, badge, and a patch!


Ask us about becoming a Junior Paleontologist at Guadalupe Mountains National Park. After completing a few short activities, you can earn a badge and learn even more about this amazing fossil reef.


Guadalupe Mountains National Park contains 46,850 acres of wilderness land. Find out what makes this land so special and what it means to you with the Wilderness Explorer Junior Ranger Program. You can earn a certificate and patch by completing activities for your age group.


If you love your National Parks but do not have the time to see them right now, you can play over 50 games and learn about them from your home! Become a Webranger today!


If you like to be active during your visits to the National Parks check out the Let's Move Outside Junior Ranger program at participating parks. It is your chance to get outside and earn a sticker just for having fun!

Did You Know?

Big Tooth Maples turn color in the Guadalupes in late October or early November.

As the green chlorophyll pigment in an aging leaf disintegrates and disappears, other pigments or colors already within the leaf appear. For example, shades of yellow and orange, are caused by the presence of xanthophyll and carotin.