Bird Nesting

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Snowy-Plover- guarding 3 eggs

Snowy plover protecting 3 eggs

Each spring many shorebirds like least terns fly thousands of miles from South America to nest and raise their young on the Gulf Islands beaches. Some species are threatened or endangered such as snowy plovers. These adults and chicks frequent the road and shoulders to feed on insects. Please observe the 20 mph speed limit signs, and bird closures during nesting season. Help us to protect these fantastic fliers.


Bird Closures On Mississippi Barrier Islands

This page is updated as active bird nests are located and identified. The closures will be lifted when the nests are no long in use.

Horn Island:

No closures at this time.

East Ship Island:

No closures at this time.

West Ship Island:

No closures at this time.

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