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    Gulf Islands

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  • Partial Closure on Horn Island

    Small portion of Horn Island, Mississippi, closed to entry due to discovery of asbestos and possible other bio hazards. Click on more for map and press release. More »

Those Roguish Raccoons

Raccoon looking out of a hollow tree.

Raccoon looking out of a hollow tree.

Raccoons (Procyon lotor) are easily identified by their black eye masks and bushy ringed tails. They are thought to have over 200 communication sounds! There is evidence from fossils that suggest the raccoon inhabited the U.S. as far back as one million years and has changed very little.

In the wild, these mostly nocturnal animals live about three to eight years. They are omnivorous, eating fish, frogs, and insects and also fruit, berries and nuts. Raccoons are highly intelligent and have a well know reputation for their curiosity and clever nighttime raids. With their almost hand-like front paws and long, thin mobile fingers, these agile climbers can learn to open jars, cans and latches, turn on faucets, untie knots, turn doorknobs and get into all kinds of fun and mischievousness.

They especially love camper's sweet foods and drinks. So please take extra care and do not feed the animals. Securely store all food and scented items in containers and coolers. Pack them away inside closed vehicles and campers. Try to keep dumpster lids closed at all times.

Did You Know?

The long roots of the sea oats help hold the dunes together.

The stunning sugar white beaches of Gulf Islands National Seashore are composed of fine quartz eroded from granite in the Appalachian Mountains. The sand is carried seaward by rivers and creeks and deposited by currents along the shore.