Mississippi District

With over 400 acres, visitors have a variety of activities to choose from in the Davis Bayou Area including camping, fishing, hiking, biking, boating, attending a ranger-led program, and group camping. The William M. Colmer Visitor Center is open 8:30 am - 4:30 pm daily. For more information please call (228) 230-4100.

The gray boardwalk trail is adjacent to the green bayou with trees in the background.

The beautiful Davis Bayou Area.

nps photo

Visitors congregate on the white sandy beaches or swim in the Gulf of Mexico.

Visitors enjoy a day at the beach at West Ship Island.

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Horn Island, Petit Bois Island, and East Ship Island are open year-round to private boaters. West Ship Island is open to private boaters from sunrise to sunset. The two miles of the western tip of Cat Island are within the Seashore boundary and are open to private boaters. The islands are not accessible by automobile. Visitors to the Seashore’s barrier islands can enjoy island camping on all the islands but West Ship Island. Other activities include beach combing, birdwatching, swimming, and fishing. A passenger ferry, located in Gulfport, MS, takes visitors out to West Ship Island March through October.

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