Gulf Islands National Seashore Issues Updated Park Use Rules and Regulations

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Date: April 30, 2013
Contact: Deanna Mladucky, 850-934-2615

Gulf Islands National Seashore Issues Updated Park Use Rules and Regulations

Summer is approaching and thousands of visitors will be planning vacations that include visiting National Parks across the country. Superintendent Dan Brown welcomes those visiting Gulf Islands National Seashore and encourages our guests to have a safe and enjoyable time on the beach and at the historic sites within the park. Special regulations and policy within the Superintendent Compendium govern and direct visitor access and use within the park. This is reviewed and updated annually. Highlights of the compendium, including new use regulations that all visitors should be aware of include the following:

·In efforts to promote family experiences, support safe, non-impacting activities and alleviate visitor conflicts these new regulations will be implemented at the Fort Pickens Public Fishing Pier. Each visitor fishing from the pier will be allowed no more than two poles, two nets, or one pole and one net attended at one time.This will allow space for additional visitors to fish from and enjoy the pier and will reduce potential visitor conflicts. The consumption and possession of alcohol will be prohibited while on the pier.Alcohol use regulations will remain the same in all other areas of the park. The electric outlets located on the pier will be removed to eliminate potential hazards to the health and safety of visitors and will reduce associated operating expenses.The light fixtures will remain providing service for those with a valid Night Owl Pass utilizing the pier area for fishing after sunset. Night Owl Passes may be purchased with the annual park pass at the Fort Pickens Ranger Station/Campground registration office, Sunday through Thursday, from the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


·The new ferry pier has been completed at Fort Pickens in anticipation of a future

passenger ferry service to the area. In compliance with all state and federal fishing

regulations, gigging for flounder is allowed 200 feet east of the new pier, designated by

the east end of the concrete sea wall. The area between the remnants of the old fishing

pier and the new ferry pier will remain closed to pole, spear and gig fishing.

"We encourage our visitors to safely enjoy the park. At Gulf Islands National Seashore you can relax to the sounds of waves gently sculpting the shore, imagine the daily activities of those soldiers stationed at the forts or fish for your evening meal. We must also remember to preserve this special place for future generations, stated Superintendent Brown."

To plan your visit or to request additional information regarding Gulf Islands National Seashore, contact staff at one of the park's visitor centers including the Naval Live Oaks Visitor Center,

(850) 934-2600, or visit the park's website at

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