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    Gulf Islands

    National Seashore FL,MS

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  • Partial Closure on Horn Island

    Small portion of Horn Island, Mississippi, closed to entry due to discovery of asbestos and possible other bio hazards. Click on more for map and press release. More »

  • Shorebirds Nesting Near Roads - 20 mph

    Shorebirds are nesting near roads and cross the road regularly. Observe posted speed limits and be alert for tiny birds on the roads. Last year 155 birds were killed on park roads, help us reduce the mortality rate of these beautiful birds and go slow.

Electronic Field Trip

Sea Change: Gulf Islands

National Seashore

The National Park Service and National Park Foundation developed an Electronic Field Trip (EFT), titled "Sea Change: Gulf Islands National Seashore" that was shown on March 1, 2011. This EFT looked at the science of understanding change as seen daily on the barrier islands of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and in how the recent Gulf Oil Spill has impaced species and critical habitat.

A companion website for the upcoming EFT has already launced at www.electronicfieldtrip.org/gulfislands. Visitors to the site will find lesson plans for classroom use and interactive games for youth. Games on the site feature turtles that help youth find the various forms that spilled oil has taken in the Gulf of Mexico waters, determine whether certain impacts in the Gulf are due to natural or human causes, and navigate through a food chain from the level of a diatom to a shark!

This show is targeted toward students in grades 4th through 8th, but all ages are encouraged to take the electronic field trip.

Did You Know?

WWII dog trainers at Cat Island, Mississippi located at Gulf Islands National Seashore.

Because of the tropical-like conditions, the U. S. Army established the Cat Island War Dog Training Camp in south Mississippi during World War II. A variety of dog breeds were trained to guard, deliver messages, and attack the enemy. Cat Island is part of Gulf Islands National Seashore.