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    Guilford Courthouse

    National Military Park North Carolina


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Volunteering is an American tradition that lives on at Guilford Courthouse National Military Park. Our volunteers are actively involved in preserving and protecting natural, cultural and historical resources and assisting with educational programs at the park. Our success depends on people like you who treasure this special place!

Do Something Revolutionary and Join the Team! Whether you prefer a one time or recurring opportunity, and if you are interested in joining a team of Very Important People (our volunteers) who help to enhance the park experience, then Guilford Courthouse National Military Park is the place for YOU!

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Did You Know?

British Soldiers

The British considered themselves to be the victors at Guilford Court House. However, they lost more than one-quarter of their army as casualties. Of the 1,900 redcoats, 532 were killed, wounded, captured or missing. The “defeated” American army lost 264 men out of a force of about 4,500.