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  • Bears are active in Grand Teton

    Black and grizzly bears are roaming throughout the park--near roads, trails and in backcountry areas. Hikers and backcountry users are advised to travel in groups of three or more, make noise and carry bear spray. Visitors must stay 100 yards from bears. More »

Bears and Backcountry Food Storage

Be Bear Aware

Follow these guidelines to make your hike and camp safer. They are for your protection and for the preservation of the bear, a true sign of wilderness. Careless food storage or intentional feeding spells death for bears. Allowing a bear to obtain human food, even once, often results in aggressive behavior. An aggressive bear is a threat to human safety and must be killed. Do not allow bears or other wildlife to obtain human food. Help keep bears wild and humans safe!

Food Storage Regulations

As of April 2011, regardless of elevation backpackers will be required to use approved bear-resistant canisters except where food storage boxes are provided. On some specific alpine routes where a climber is bivouacing on a high rocky ledge and bears cannot go, park-approved bear canisters may not be required. All food, garbage, toiletries and any odorous item that may attract a bear must be stored in an Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) approved bear-resistant food canister when not in immediate use, day and night. Bear canisters are available for use in the park for free at backcountry permitting locations.

Approved Bear-proof Storage Canisters

The IGBC has approved the following food storage canisters. Grand Teton National Park allows the use of any of these approved canisters. Bears have tested each of these canisters at the USFS Missoula lab and at the Grizzly Discovery Center.

Backpacker Model 812-C
Garcia Machine
14097 Ave. 272
Visalia, CA 93292
Phone: (559) 732-3785
Website: http://www.backpackerscache.com/

BearVault BV350, BV400
Website: http://www.bearvault.com
Phone: (866) 301-3442

The Bear Keg
Counter Assault
120 Industry Court
Kalispell, MT 59901-7991
Phone: (406) 257-4740 or (800) 695-3394
FAX: (406) 257-6674
Website: http://www.counterassault.com/

The Bare Boxer Contender
Golf City Products
9614 Cozycroft Ave. Suite D
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Website: http://www.bareboxer.com/

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Never approach a bear.
Never feed a bear.
Stay 100 yards (1 football field) from bears at all times.

Did You Know?

Tetons from the north, photo by Erin Himmel

Did you know that a large fault lies at the base of the Teton Range? Every few thousand years earthquakes up to a magnitude of 7.5 on the Richter Scale signal movement on the Teton fault, lifting the mountains skyward and hinging the valley floor downward.