A Tapestry of Rural Landscapes and Architecture

Green Springs National Historic Landmark District in Virginia’s Piedmont encompasses over 14,000 acres. Its farmsteads offer a continuum of rural vernacular architecture in original context with minimal alteration. Landscapes and buildings, many predating the Civil War and connected to one another visually and through family relationships of early occupants, are today preserved through easements.


West End

Green Springs - Louisa County, Virginia

An extensive historical sampler.

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Virginia Watson's headstone in Bracketts Cemetery. Photo courtesy K. Edward Lay.

Community Stories

Events in the Green Springs community of national- or local significance, and sometimes both.

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Morrish Revival Porch, Eastern View. Photo courtesy K. Edward Lay.

Farms and Families

Historical photos, maps, and events at the level of the individual farm and family.

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Did You Know?