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A Future Judge Visits Hawkwood, 1882

[R. T. W. Duke, Jr., "Recollections" 4: 217-218, The R. T. W. Duke Collection, MSS 9521-i , Special Collections, University of Virginia Library, (/small/collections/duke/recollections/textfiles/vol4text.html):]


I also paid a visit in July [1882] to the "Green Springs" neighbourhood in Louisa—that very beautiful & fertile section of that County—a section of splendid homes & charming people. George & Lucy Shackelford & Jennie Randolph & I made up a party. We stayed at Sylvania one of the Morris places & at "Hawkwood"—Mr Richard Morris splendid home—a brick mansion set in a lovely grove; The rooms octagonal shaped. Mr Morris had several sons & was a great friend of my fathers. It was a most delightful visit & the friendship I made with the Morris boys was a lasting one. Only two—I believe survive….

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Green Springs National Historic Landmark District is privately owned, includes no public facilities, but is visible from public highways. It sits astride Route 15 in Louisa County, Virginia.