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Friend Joshua Brown Visits the Camp Creek Settlement, 1778

[“Biographical Sketches…Joshua Brown,” The Friend… 34 (1861): 301:]

On the 7th [of the 3rd month] he crossed the mountain, and, on the 8th, had a meeting near the house of John Douglass…. [Joshua Brown] was largely opened in testimony, yet the meeting was not much to his satisfaction. Riding forward, he, on the 10th, had a satisfactory meeting at Camp Creek, in which the necessity of reformation was pressed on his hearers. On the 11th, had a small meeting at Fish Creek, and, on the 13th, had one at Genito.

[Relevant Component(s), National Park Service Thematic Framework: Creating Social Institutions and Movements--Religious Institutions; Peopling Places--Community and Neighborhood]

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Green Springs National Historic Landmark District is privately owned, includes no public facilities, but is visible from public highways. It sits astride Route 15 in Louisa County, Virginia.