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Berea Church Contributes to Colportage in the Confederate Army, 1860's

[John William Jones, Christ in the Camp: Or, Religion in Lee's Army (Richmond,1887), p. 194:]

[Themes: religion; Civil War—civilian roles; social/group/neighborhood identity and action]

“The amount contributed during July and August for Sunday-school and Publication Board will not fall short of twenty thousand dollars. Never have the churches responded more liberally…. Berea Church, in Louisa county,instead of giving us about $100 as formerly, has already raided in the neighborhood of $1,000 as its contribution for this year [1863 or 1864]. The churches of the James River Association sent up to their annual meeting an average of more than $200 apiece…. ”

–A. E. D. [Reverend A. E. Dickinson, superintendent of colportage—distribution of religious literature—among Confederate soldiers for the Sunday-School and Publication Board, General Association of the Baptist Churches in Virginia]

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Green Springs National Historic Landmark District is privately owned, includes no public facilities, but is visible from public highways. It sits astride Route 15 in Louisa County, Virginia.