Resource Roundup: April-May, 2009

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Air Quality

  • Environmental Education = Cleaner Air, study finds

Cultural Resources & Archeology

  • Recording the past: photographing the former splendor of Elkmont
  • Recording the present: photographing culturally significant comfort stations


  • Fire history research
  • New funding to research the connections Between fire and endangered bats
  • Controlled burns—setting fires in the Smokies
  • Uncontrolled burns—putting out wildfires in the Smokies


  • Studying fish DNA and RNA to understand Smokies’ fish populations
  • New display protects rivers
  • Redesigning roads to let fish pass
  • Volunteer river clean-up
  • Find us at Troutfest!
  • Keeping tabs on water chemistry

Inventory & Monitoring

  • Ant awareness: invasive Needle Ant at Oconoluftee
  • New biohazard cabinet protects scientists from disease
  • Freezes, fire, & worms: research results on new possibilities to manage invasive earthworms


  • Gama Grass division and planting in Cades Cove
  • Willow stake planting in Cades Cove


  • Bat caves closed to protect bats from White-nose Syndrome
  • Call for public help with elk

Partner Projects

  • Zoonotic diseases survey

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