Resource Roundup: February-March, 2009

Measuring a hemlock diameter at breast height (DBH).

Measuring the diameter-at-breast-height (DBH) of a hemlock.

NPS photo.

Click on each Resource Management and Science Program to learn about projects in February-March:

Air Quality

  • Record rain, wind, and cold in January and February
  • Do your part, Parks

Cultural Resources & Archeology

  • Magnetic houses? Using the earth's magnetic field to date archeological sites


  • The slow smolder: fire's off-season
  • Burning and Bats
  • Endangered Squirrels, Burning, and Felling
  • Traveling Fire
  • Preparing Cades Cove for Burning
  • Congratulations--It’s a Helicopter!


  • Cleaning the air to help the water

Inventory & Monitoring

  • Mapping Rare Natural Communities
  • Map of Global Rarity in the Smokies


  • Transplanting many plants
  • National and Statewide Recognition for Invasive Weed Awareness Week in Tennessee
  • Volunteers in Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  • New Teams for Exotic Species Control
  • Year’s End Reports
  • Rangers nab poachers in the Park


  • Sickness Surveillance
  • Elk Update

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