Lesson Plan

Mountain Farm Museum: Field Trip Preparation - Grade 4 (North Carolina)

Students engage in a game of marbles.
Students engage in a game of marbles during the Mountain Farm Museum field trip.
NPS Photo - Vyanne Fisher
Grade Level:
Fourth Grade
Family Life, History, Regional Studies, Social Studies
30 minutes
Group Size:
Up to 60
National/State Standards:

4.H.1 - North Carolina events
4.G.1 - Growth and development
4.E.1 - Market economy
4.C.1 - Cultural groups
Great Smoky Mountains National Park, fourth grade, history, Appalachian culture, community, natural resources, settlement, blacksmithing


Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers a unique opportunity to witness the panorama of Southern Appalachian history and culture.  This unit is broken into three parts. The overall unit involves a trip to the park and is accompanied by one preparation activity and two wrap-up activities.  This is the field trip preparation activity of the unit. 


1) Describe ways people used, modified and adapted to the physical environment.
2) List three similarities and difference among people in North Carolina, past and present.
3) Describe changes in ways of living over time.
4) Identify the advantages and disadvantages of technology in their lives.


Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers a unique opportunity to witness the panorama of Southern Appalachian history and culture. So tied to a sense of place, this history is embodied in a wide variety of preserved historic structures, cultural landscapes, cemeteries, archeological sites, museum objects, and archival documents. The Park is the keeper of intangible resources as folklore, literature, and music contribute to tell the stories of both Native American and Euro-American peoples. These treasures enable us to connect one generation to another.

Teachers coming on the accompanying field trip should download our complete field trip packet that includes all of the lessons: Mountain Farm Museum pre-site lesson, information and directions about the field trip and Mountain Farm Museum Wrap-up part 1 and 2 post site lesson.

Download the full Mountain Farm Museum Field Trip packet (includes Preparation and Wrap-up lessons).


This lesson includes an information sheet for field trip acitivites.


Read the background information to students describing the on-site activities and discuss similarities and differences from life today.


community, blacksmithing, history, natural resources, settlement, artifact, hearth cooking, anvil, bellows, forge