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We offer a variety of free, ranger-led, curriculum-based programs that are correlated to North Carolina and Tennessee state learning standards. Our education programs are crafted for particular grade levels and their specific state standards. Please visit the pages below for information on program locations, details on program themes and activities, and downloadable lesson plans.

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  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park

    Students as Scientists: Salamander Research Preparation (North Carolina Middle School)

    Students as Scientists: Salamander Research Preparation (North Carolina Middle School)

    The Great Smoky Mountains are known as the “Salamander Capital of the World!” Salamanders are an especially abundant and diverse group in the park. Researchers use salamanders as a bio-indicator to help assess the health of our forests threatened by air pollution and impacts from a changing climate. This unit is broken into three parts. This unit involves a trip to the park and is accompanied by a preparation activity and a wrap-up activity. This is the field preparation activity of the unit.


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    Lesson Plans
    Grade level:
    Sixth Grade - Eighth Grade
    Biology: Animals, Conservation, Earth Science, Ecology, Environment
    National/State Standards:
    North Carolina Essential Standards Grade 8 Science Clarifying objectives 8.L.1.1, 8.L.3.1, 8.L.3.2, 8.L.3.3, 8.L.4.1, 8.L.4.2