Be A Junior Ranger

Junior Ranger Patch

Kids may choose a patch or a badge upon completing all the requirements in the Junior Ranger booklet.

NPS Photo

The Junior Ranger Program is a great way for kids to learn about park resources! Most National Park Service areas have Junior Ranger programs; kids collect badges or patches from many parks.

At Great Sand Dunes, plan on a total visit of at least 2 hours to complete the required sections of the Junior Ranger Booklet (hopefully your family will be able to stay longer than two hours anyway to experience this large, diverse park!)

There are three different age groups in the booklet: 3-6, 7-9, 10-12, and 13 and up. All sections for your age group must be completed to earn a badge or patch.

Just stop at the Visitor Center when you arrive, pick up your booklet, and work on your booklet as you explore the park and go to ranger programs. When you've finished all your requirements, bring the booklet back to the Visitor Center for your badge or patch!

For more information, please call the Visitor Center at 719-378-6395.

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