• A fall day on Mt. Rose overlooking the historic depot at Grand Portage.

    Grand Portage

    National Monument Minnesota

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  • Everyday from 06/28/2014 to 09/02/2014

    Guided Walk
    Location: Historic Depot | Map Fee Information: Free Contact Name: Chief of Interpretation Contact Email: e-mail us Contact Phone Number: 218-475-0123

Every day there are Demonstrations and programs offered in the Historic Depot.  Check at the Heritage center when you arrive for the programs being offered that day.  Here are some examples:

  • Ojbemowin: Language of the Trade
  • Bagpipes and the North West Company
  • Bindagodaadwin: The Ojibwe-Dakota Conflict
  • Beaver Basics
  • Dressings the Fur Trade
  • Ojibwemowin: Language of the Trade
  • Kilderkins, Hogsheads, and Keelers: Art of the Cooper
  • Pieces of the Puzzle: The Value of Learning in Ojibwe Culture
  • My Grandpa Had One of Those
  • North American Fur Bearers
  • North West Company Fur Trade Water Routes
  • Ojibemowin: Language of the Trade
  • Saving the Past Through Seeds
  • History, According to the Herring
  • Grand Portage: A Walking Tour
  • Art History of the Porcupine Quill
  • Why Grand Portage? A Walking Tour


  • Flummery: A Cooking Demonstration
  • Cedar Bark Weaving
  • All Day: Historic Cooking in the Kitchen
  • Welsh Cakes: A Cooking Demonstration

Special Programs

Currently, there will be a Geology walk each Wednesday at 1:00PM.  Meet at the Heritage Center to start the walk.

At Grand Portage National Monument our visitors have unique opportunities to meet and interact with experts in their particular subjects and to enjoy "classic" ranger-led programs.

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