• A fall day on Mt. Rose overlooking the historic depot at Grand Portage.

    Grand Portage

    National Monument Minnesota


A summer lodge in the Monument's Ojibwe Village.

The reed mat base of an Ojibwe summer lodge allowed breezes in yet helped to keep rains out as did the roof constructed of birchbark panels.

NPS photo / Mike Plummer-Steen

The following brochures are in PDF format:

The staff at Grand Portage National Monument have created brochures that help visitors invision how Ojibwe people survived winter in northern Minnesota and shared their technologies with Euroamericans.

Did You Know?

Portrait of Alexander Mackenzie - Grand Portage National Monument

Nor’Wester Alexander Mackenzie jumped off from Grand Portage to reach the Pacific Ocean in 1793, 13 years before Lewis and Clark crossed the continent.