• A fall day on Mt. Rose overlooking the historic depot at Grand Portage.

    Grand Portage

    National Monument Minnesota


Assomption Sash GRPO #525

Assomption Sash - GRPO 525

NPS Photo / Dave Cooper

  • Overview
    • Few items of fur trade era clothing have survived the ravages of time. However, the Grand Portage collection does include a number of archeological objects such as buttons and shoe buckles that offer glimpses of the actual clothing worn by fur traders and voyageurs. This gallery also shows part of a colorful Assomption sash of the type popularized by voyageurs, although the sash is probably of later 19th century manufacture.
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Did You Know?

Pipe fragments from Grand Portage 1936.

Over 120,000 artifacts have been uncovered at Grand Portage providing vital information to locate four reconstructions and a stockade on the original depot setting and furnish these structures.