• A fall day on Mt. Rose overlooking the historic depot at Grand Portage.

    Grand Portage

    National Monument Minnesota

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1936 stockade excavation
First year archaeological excavations in 1936 of the stockade line at the NWC Grand Portage Historic Depot. (Note: Crawford Cabin at right)
NPS Photo

The Reports and Studies page contains papers (.pdf format) from research at Grand Portage by archeologists, historians, ethnohistorians, biologists, botanists, entomologists and museum specialists from 1936 through the present. Please follow the left side navigation or link below to search Reports and Studies.

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Management Plans, Reports, and Studies

Did You Know?

Map of the U.S.

A canoe can travel from Grand Portage to the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic Oceans or the Gulf of Mexico with no portage (carrying place) lasting over one day.