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    Grant-Kohrs Ranch

    National Historic Site Montana

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'…is to provide resources to Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site to tell the cattle ranching story of the American West."

The Grant-Kohrs Ranch Foundation was recently formed to encourage those who appreciate "America's Ranch," to help the National Park Service maintain high quality public services and ranch care. Currently, the Foundation is building an Endowment Fund, and supporting key park projects with funds raised from individual and private donations. These wholly independent 501 c 3 funds are granted back to the park to achieve excellence in public programs and innovation in resource management. The ten member Board meets 3-4 times annually at the ranch, and is comprised of local, state and national leaders. For more information visit the Grant-Kohrs Ranch Foundation website or contact Marshall Gingery, President of the Board, GKRF, P.O. Box 789 , Deer Lodge, MT 59722.

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Did You Know?

Fox one of the ranches saddle horses.

Like your fingernails a horse’s hoof keeps growing. If it doesn’t wear down naturally, it is necessary to trim it. If it gets worn down faster than it can grow, it needs an iron shoe to protect it. In trail-driving days, cowboys often left their horses unshod unless they got sore-footed.