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    Grant-Kohrs Ranch

    National Historic Site Montana

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Grant-Kohrs related sites in Deer Lodge

  • Hillcrest Cemetery, W. Milwaukee Road. Burial sites for Augusta, Conrad, son William Kohrs, John Bielenberg, and grandson, Conrad Warren.
  • Old Prison Museum, 1106 Main St., 406-846-3111. Site of the Montana Territorial Prison. Kohrs served on the board of prison commissioners in the mid-1870's.
  • William K. Kohrs Memorial Library, 501 Missouri Avenue. William, Conrad Kohrs' only son died in 1901.

Kohrs related sites in Helena, Montana

  • Home of Conrad and Augusta Kohrs, 804 Dearborn Avenue. Kohrs bought the home in 1900.
  • Montana Historical Society Museum, 225 N. Roberts St. Collection of oils, watercolors, bronzes, and illustrated letters by artist Charles M. Russell.

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Fox one of the ranches saddle horses.

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