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  • Multiple Days: 07/20/2015, 07/26/2015, 08/03/2015, 08/20/2015

    Draft horses using historic haying implementations
    Location: Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS | Map Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM Fee Information: Free Contact Name: Julie Croglio Contact Email: e-mail us Contact Phone Number: 406-846-2070

Along with historic haying demonstrations using draft horses (weather permitting), there will be interpretive programs and children's activities all about historic haying.

On Sunday July 26th, there is a day filled with activities. The schedule for that day is:

1:00-3:30 Haying
9:30-10:30 am Hiking into History (Sunday morning walk)
11:00-4:00 Wagon Rides
9:15-4:30 House Tours
9:00-12:30 & 2:30-5:00 Blacksmith Shop

All Day Activities
Kids Corral

Hay - Z Days of Summer (Ranger speaker series)
10:30 – Horses, Hay and Teamsters
11:30 – Bison to Beef
12:30 – What is Hay, Anyway?
3:30 – Grazing on Grasses
4:30 – 1886 – End of an Era

Pick up a punch card at the visitor center or the information station. Attend at least two ranger talks in the speaker series and you can receive a free postcard, bird book or branded ornament. If you attend at least four ranger talks in the speaker series you will earn a coupon, to be redeemed at a future date, for a personal tour of the museum collection building or a personal tour of the main ranch house that includes the upstairs and basement. The coupon will be good for a total of eight people. Reservations will need to be made in advance.

Haying DVD video
Display of historic photos of haying and stories/quotes on haying related to the Kohrs and Warren families.

Food Concessions
9:00-4:30 Close-up

Did You Know?