• Image of bunkhouse row.

    Grant-Kohrs Ranch

    National Historic Site Montana


Founded in 1860 by pioneer stockgrower John Grant, succeeded in 1866 by cattle baron Conrad Kohrs and preserved 1940-1972 by Hereford rancher Conrad Kohrs Warren, Grant-Kohrs Ranch joined the National Park Service on August 25, 1972. Congress authorized this site's establishment to:

"...provide an understanding of the frontier cattle era of the Nation's history, to preserve the Grant-Kohrs Ranch, and to interpret the nationally significant values thereof for the benefit and inspiration of present and future generations."

Information on these pages will provide insight into the management of Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site.

Did You Know?

Cattle and horses grazing lush Montana grasses.

“Range Wars” between cattlemen and sheep growers didn’t happen in Montana. For a time, Montana cattlemen found it profitable to raise sheep. Then, when cattle became profitable again, they switched back to cattle. Montana ranges support a wide variety of grazing animals, both wild and domestic.