• Image of bunkhouse row.

    Grant-Kohrs Ranch

    National Historic Site Montana

For Kids

A ranger showing Stony the horse to kids while talking about a cowboy's life.

There are many things for kids to do at the ranch. During the summer months we offer a variety of ranger programs for both adults and children.

Kids are also welcome to try on cowboy clothes, read cowboy stories, practice cowboy skills by roping Woody the wooden steer, try walking on stilts, and visit the horses, cows and chickens.

Don't forget to stop at the Visitor Center and ask about our Junior Rancher program.

Did You Know?

Fox one of the ranches saddle horses.

Like your fingernails a horse’s hoof keeps growing. If it doesn’t wear down naturally, it is necessary to trim it. If it gets worn down faster than it can grow, it needs an iron shoe to protect it. In trail-driving days, cowboys often left their horses unshod unless they got sore-footed.