• Great Falls of the Potomac in summer

    Great Falls

    Park Virginia

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  • No Water in Visitor Center Courtyard

    Portable toilets are available next to the visitor center on the side nearest the river. Restrooms with running water are available near the lower parking lot. More »


Whitetail doe and fawn

Whitetail doe and fawn

National Park Service

A variety of animals can be found in Great Falls Park. The park's 800 acres include forests, swamplands, open meadows, a pond, clifftop areas, streams, and the Potomac River. These features give the park's animals everything they need to survive here.

All wildlife is protected in the park. Observe animals from a distance, and do not feed or attempt to touch an animal. If you see an animal acting strangely, contact a park ranger.

Did You Know?

Copperhead snake

Copperheads are the only type of venomous snake found in Great Falls Park. Never attempt to pick up or disturb a snake. More...