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  • Trash Free Park

    Great Falls Park is now a trash free park. Trash cans have been removed. Please come prepared to carry your trash out with you. More »

  • River Safety

    Learn more about how to stay safe around the Potomac. The Potomac has dangerous currents and going into the river is not permitted. Swimming and wading could cost you your life. Stay safe. Stay out of the river. More »

  • No Water in Visitor Center Courtyard

    Due to plumbing problems, there are no bathrooms available in the Visitor Center (VC) courtyard. There are portajohns behind the Snackbar for public use. *Please note: Restrooms near the lower parking lot are fully operational.

  • Weekend and Holiday Delays for Entry

    Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays when there is a good weather forecast, expect delays of up to an hour from Noon to 4pm when entering the park.

Self Guided

A self-guided program is another way for groups to explore the park. Trail maps are available at the Visitor Center desk. Contact the park in advance for information and to request maps.

Other resources for self-guided programs:

Junior Ranger Booklet

This program is a self-guided activity book for children ages 5 to 12. Most Junior Rangers complete the booklet in one to two hours, but may take as much time as they wish to finish. Children who complete the booklet earn a Junior Ranger Badge to honor their accomplishments. Please give us advance notice if your group is interested in doing the Junior Ranger booklet so that we can get the materials together in advance.

Both booklets are available to download online.
Ages 8-12
Ages 5-7

The Self-Guided Tour of the Patowmack Canal

This pamphlet will take you on a tour of one of the first canals built in the United States. Numbers on the brochure match numbers on wooden stakes placed along the trail. Each number has a corresponding paragraph to go with it.

George Washington: Visualizing a Nation

A fifteen minute movie on George Washington's Patowmack Canal. This movie is available on request at the visitor center desk.

Introduction to Great Falls Park slideshow

A ten minute slideshow that introduces the history and natural aspects of Great Falls Park. Please notify the park ahead of time if you would like your group to see this video.

Exploring Your Watershed Video

Where does the water go? This short video highlights the importance of watersheds and our role in protecting them. Contact the park in advance if you would like your group to see this video.

Lost but Found, Safe and Sound

Do you know what to do if you get lost in the woods? This video teaches children what to do if they become lost in the woods. Contact the park in advance if you would like your group to see this video.

Contact Information

Phone: 703-285-2965

Fax: 703-285-2223 (attn: Program Coordinator)

Did You Know?

Copperhead snake

Copperheads are the only type of venomous snake found in Great Falls Park. Never attempt to pick up or disturb a snake. More...