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Join Our Friends

The Friends of Still Creek invites you to discover Greenbelt Park and the Still Creek watershed. Learn how to help in the protection and restoration of Still Creek.

Get Outdoors and come help preserve Still Creek for this and future generations.
Join the Still Creek cleanup and learn about the special group that helps protect Still Creek.

For more information, please call 301-345-6515.

Join us on at 7:00 p.m. for the Friends of Still Creek meeting. We meet every three to four months. The meeting is located at the Greenbelt Park Ranger Station.

Directions- Enter the park from Greenbelt Road and proceed to the stop sign. (you will pass the U.S. Park Police building on the right and the Park Headuarters on the left) Take a right at the stop sign and proceed 1.5 miles ( you will pass the Sweetgum Picnic Area on your left and the Dogwood Trail parking area on your right) to the Ranger Station near the campground. The meeting is in the classroom located in the back of the Ranger Station.

We are in need of folks who want to help take an active role.

We understand your time is precious. Everyone is welcome!

Current needs are in publicity, grant writing, and event coordinator. Your talent will be used and appreciated.

The Friends of Still Creek participated in the Potomac Watershed Cleanup focusing on Still Creek, enjoyed a watershed walk in Greenbelt Park, discovered Still Creek Watershed in a driving tour, and explored the fishes of Still creek on a electro-fishing presentation on the fishes of Still Creek.

The mission of Friends of Still Creek is to care for and protect the stream that flows through the heart of Greenbelt National Park. Still Creek, fed by waters beginning outside the park on the lands where we live and work, is affected by our every action. With this in mind, we seek to understand how people treat these lands and in turn, create ways to involve the broader community in restoring the ecological health of the watershed. We envision a stream system that is clean, attractive and teeming with life and we are committed to making this a reality.

Click here for the Still Creek Watershed web page

In the past few months, we have participated in the City of Greenbelt Green Man Festival, City of Greenbelt Informational day on Labor Day weekend, and National Public Lands Day at Greenbelt Park.


Discover ways you can help with the Still Creek Watershed.

Click on this link for the Still Creek Friends website.

a map of the Still Creek watershed
an overhead view of the Still Creek Watershed. 

Did You Know?

a picture of the Sweetgum Picnic Area located in Greenbelt Park

Greenbelt Park, Maryland does not have an entrance fee allowing visitors to enjoy this National Park free of charge. There is a user fee for the campground.